Guide to Buying Our Doll Wigs

Here’s all that you need to know before you buying our doll wigs (or any other wig):

Determine Head & Wig Sizes

Make & Materials of Our Doll Wigs

What Styling Level You Need

Warnings about Blonde & Curly Wigs

Directions & Common Problems

Your Doll’s Head & Wig Sizes

Before you do anything, you need to know the head size of your doll. This will enable you to pick out the correct size of wig of your replacement wig.
You can measure the head size of your doll by tightly wrapping a measuring tape around the circumference of your doll’s hairline. Center one end of the measuring tape on the doll’s forehead, wrap it, and where the measuring tape intersects with the end is the head size. Don’t have a measuring tape? Use a piece of string, and compare it to a ruler.
18″ American Girl: 11.5″
Goetz Pottery Barn Kids: 12.5″
Bitty Twins & Babies: 12.5″
Next, you need to know what size replacement wig to buy. Doll wigs are typically sold in size ranges (i.e. 10-11″). They are also pretty inaccurate when it comes to measuring those ranges, so one model labeled 10-11″ might be much bigger or smaller than another.  For this reason, don’t worry about the “wig tag size“,  it might be wrong. Instead, on our website we always tell you the actual wig size of all of our wigs, which takes care of the guesswork. If we say it fits 10-11.5″, it will fit a doll with a head size in that range.
Only buy a wig with actual wig size range that includes your doll’s head size. If you have a doll with a 14″ head size, a 10-11″ actual wig size will not fit.

 Make & Materials of Our Doll Wigs

All of our wigs are replacement wigs, not costume wigs. They are not meant to temporarily cover up the current hair of your doll, they are meant to replace it. They must be glued on permanently, otherwise they will fall off during play.

You cannot have a doll with a bald head and swap her wigs out (like Liv dolls).

You cannot have a doll with hair that you want to keep.

The hair of our wigs is sewn into a full mesh cap. Some other doll retailers offer only partial caps, but we don’t. The strands of hair are sewn into lines or “wefts”, and those wefts are then sewn on to the mesh cap. The mesh cap gets glued on to your doll’s head.

All of our wigs are made of modacrylic, a synthetic material. We do not offer mohair, human hair, or synthetic mohair wigs. Our wigs are new and made out the fake stuff, just like what you get on new dolls from American Girl, Goetz, Target, Kohls, etc.

Styling Levels

All of our wigs are rated with a styling level. Styling levels tell you how much brushing and styling the doll wig can withstand. The average doll owner brushes or styles the doll’s hair 1-3 times per month. If your doll’s hair is brushed and styled more often, you will need to buy a doll with a high styling level, or else expect to rewig your doll more often than a typical doll owner due to the deterioration from excessive play.

A doll wig with an Average Styling Level can withstand the average amount of brushing and styling. They come in a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern. For most doll owners, an average styling level wig meets or exceeds their needs and will last several years.

Some doll owners play rougher, or brush and style the doll’s hair more. These doll owners should consider buying a wig with a Styling Level of High. These wigs will stand up to a lot of brushing and styling. Unfortunately the style of these wigs aren’t as exciting, but they are very high quality. These owners can always buy a wig with an Average Styling Level, but should expect such a wig to wear out quickly – especially if they don’t follow all of the directions in our Basic Hair Care Guide.

Lastly we have our wigs with a Low Styling Level. These are our curly, wavy, or textured haired wigs. They are not meant to be brushed, and they should have little or no styling (maybe a ponytail, but that’s about it). Due to the texture of the hair, brushing or excessive styling will make it frizzy, give it uncontrollable volume, or reduce the texture. If you have a young child liable to dragging the doll around by the hair or pulling on the hair, a low styling level wig will not hold up to such abuse well.

No brushing or styling low styling level wigs? Are we just making poor quality wigs? Not at all. Even American Girl sends home a little “Caring for Your Doll With Curly Hair” tag with such dolls that warns customers only to brush and style when absolutely necessary, and to finger-comb when you do.

Blonde Doll Wigs

On most light-haired wigs the wig cap may be seen through the hair, giving the impression that the wig is thin. A blonde wig is no thinner than any other color of wig, the light color simply makes it easier to see through the hair to the underlying wig cap and wefts. The overwhelming majority of our customers will never notice or be bothered by it, but if you are one of the minority, you should consider a different color.

Curly Doll Wigs

On most curly wigs the wig cap may sometimes be seen through the hair. This is simply the nature of a curly haired wig, where there will be gaps where the strands curl different directions. This is particularly true at the top of the head, where there is less hair to cover the mesh cap and wefts. The overwhelming majority of our customers will never notice or be bothered by it, but if you are one of the minority, you should consider a different wig.

Directions & Common Problems

We provide very long, detailed, step-by-step instructions for rewigging your doll in our Guide to Rewigging. The guide will walk you through which fitting type to use and show you how to do it.

Wig is Not Long Enough – Occasionally we get complaints that our wigs are shorter in person than in the pictures. Our wigs new and freshly curled. For this reason, they may appear to be shorter in real life than in the picture, when really, they are just more curled. The wigs will straighten out with time, brushing, and water.

Size Too Small / Big – If you believe the wig you received is too small/large to fit your doll, please make sure you followed the directions! Almost every single time customers simply failed to find and follow our directions.