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American Girl Doll Logan Examination

American Girl finally released their first boy doll in early 2017 – Logan Everett. Logan is a musician and plays the drums. Logan was released simultaneously with Tenney Grant, his bandmate and the main character. Logan immediately sold out and was back ordered for several weeks online.

Oddly enough, Tenney and Logan are not the Dolls of the Year or historical dolls, they are just a random release which fans have started calling the “contemporary line.”

The first thing you notice about Logan is that he is released in a very different type of box. Compared to the traditional type of box for historical and truly me dolls, Logan’s box has a large open section and is heavily inked all over. We were surprised at this move, since the company had announced just a few weeks before that it would be switching dolls with sewn-in underwear to save money. Perhaps they are justifying the expensive packaging by hoping that the increased costs will be offset by the better marketing on the new box. 

Once you go inside the box, you can see that the upgrade was not just cosmetic. Logan’s box opens from the top, and pulls out a cardboard frame printed to look like a wall. The straps that hold Logan in place were upgraded from one plain rubber band to two smaller, clear bands that attach to the removable frame. It is much nicer looking, and you don’t have the rubber band sticking out at the back like the normal boxes.

Logan comes with a complete six-piece meet outfit, featuring a teal shirt, plaid Oxford, dark grey jeans, underwear, and canvas shoes. The quality is on par with what you would expect from American Girl and is very versatile. We like it a lot.

Unfortunately, Logan was released without a collection. He has no additional clothes, furniture, or book. In fact, he is not even mentioned in Tenney’s meet book, despite the fact that the characters were released at the same time. He shows up in the later books in Tenney’s series.

Compared to the typical Truly Me doll, Logan seems to be of the same proportions, but slightly shorter (especially in the back view). We aren’t sure if he is actually shorter, or if his shoes aren’t as tall, or if his new face mold just isn’t as long as the classic mold. Regardless, he doesn’t look like a “big brother” to the traditional American Girl Dolls. Maybe a little brother.
Logan has light skin and grey eyes (similar to American Girl Doll Molly). He has no freckles, but does oddly enough come with makeup. There is some red in his cheeks, which is something we are not a fan of for boy dolls. It’s not a lot, but you can see it.

Of course, we can’t examine Logan without mentioning his hair. His straight brunette hair has longer section in the front which is slicked back to the side. Customers seem to either love it or hate it. Regardless, it does seem like a fitting hairstyle for a young semi-famous musician. It has a side part, but AG didn’t spring for one of the expensive new kind that looks real. It’s just the classic kind of part where you can see the mesh cap underneath.

Logan has Kaya’s face mold, featuring a closed mouth, large eye openings, full cheeks, and bushy eyebrows. Probably our biggest complaint about Logan is that he does not seem to really be smiling. His mouth is closed, and there is very little curve to his mouth. For Kaya, this was because her tribe considered showing teeth to be impolite. For Logan, I guess we can blame it on him being a broody young musician.

Once we remove his clothing, it is obvious that Logan has the exact same body as the traditional Girl Dolls. Here he is next to a BeForever Samantha doll. Other than a slight variation in body color, and slightly differently shaped hands, their bodies are completely interchangeable.

Again, we can see that he looks slightly shorter than the Samantha doll. It is even more obvious in person when there isn’t a white background. The different hand shape is more obvious, and looks kind of weird. Like all of the recently released dolls, Logan has a zip tie instead of neck strings.

His face mold is slightly fatter than the Samantha doll’s (who has a classic face mold).

Another surprise was that American Girl decided to brand him with the old Pleasant Company stamp instead of the more modern American Girl stamp. Afer Mattel bought American Girl in the 90s they shifted to using American Girl for the neck stamps. Our only idea of why they might switch back to a stamp from the 1990s is because Pleasant Company is thought of as having superior dolls to the modern American Girl dolls – but of course we don’t really know.

Logan: Pleasant Company
Samantha: American Girl

Compared to the American Girl dolls we customize into boy dolls, Logan is definitely shorter. His style of clothing is startlingly like what we have been using for the past year – Oxford shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Yep, Logan is not as smiley in comparison. In addition, due to Logan’s face mold, he always seems like he is looking down. We had the hardest time in this photo shoot to arrange him to look more up at the camera. You can really see it in the photos above and below.

Logan is definitely shorter than our custom American Girl Boy Dolls Nick (right) and Charlie (left).

Overall, we have to say that we are pleased with the newest addition to the American Girl doll line. While we do have a few small complaints about Logan’s smile, he is still a very cute doll. We hope they will release a collection for his soon!

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