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Goetz v. American Girl – Which is Better?

Götz (Americanized to “Goetz,” although sometimes misspelled Gotz) was the original company that produced the American Girl Dolls back when they were first created. This was the Pleasant Company era in the late 80s and early 90s when the dolls had white or tan bodies, flat neck strings, and were marked “Made in Germany.”

Although Götz has not produced American Girl Dolls in many years, their modern dolls are quite similar and have the same individually strung joints. Götz remains a highly respected doll manufacturer. If American Girl is the Cadillac of play dolls in America, Götz is a BMW. Recently, Pottery Barn Kids has been importing them.

We thought it would be very interesting to compare a Götz Pottery Barn Kids doll to a modern American Girl doll to see how far each of these companies have come, and which is better. We have a Just Like You American Girl Doll from 2010 and a 2016 Penelope Goetz doll purchased through Pottery Barn.

American Girl v. Goetz

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