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Pleasant Company v. American Girl

A Guide to PC & AG Differences

For those who aren’t experts at American Girl Dolls, it may be confusing to understand the difference between the earlier Pleasant Company brand of American Girl Dolls and today’s brand of American Girl Dolls.

To better understand, we need a little history lesson. American Girl started producing the first AG dolls in 1986. There were 3 historical dolls: Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. They were manufactured in West Germany and had white bodies.

In the early 90’s the doll bodies were changed to be tan, to match the color of the doll arms and allow for outfits with lower necklines. At some point, the production center was shifted to China.

In 1998 the entire American Girl enterprise was sold to Mattel (the makers of Barbie). Once the original creator retires from the board in 2000, substantial changes start happening to the American Girl Doll line. In 2004 Pleasant Company was officially renamed as American Girl, and items are now produced tagged as “American Girl” instead of “Pleasant Company.”

There are some occasional exceptions to this rule. For example, the Logan doll released in 2017 is stamped Pleasant Company. Continue reading Pleasant Company v. American Girl